Project: The Fischer House

Delmar Construction was pleased to work on this project with the  Architects Designer- MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects Limited


“The Fischer House sits on a promontory, like a sphinx, overlooking a bay and the open ocean beyond. Located where the spruce forests meet the sea, this project is approached through dense forest. It sits on boulder till and is grounded by raw concrete bumps which refer to the granite boulders that are strewn about the landscape.

The house is a small 1000 ft² retreat for a couple. It is designed like a ship with maximum built-in amenity despite its modest dimensions. Its free plan gives the illusion of spaciousness. These stereotomic concrete elements create an informal order, and appear to support the simple 12’ wide, corrugated metal ‘box’. The concrete elements contain servant and totemic elements (hearth, kitchen, bathroom) lined with cherry millwork. The metal box makes the great room. The bathroom core with study loft above separates the living/dining from the bedroom.

While the detailing is minimal, the house celebrates domestic rituals. The custom designed stainless steel dining table, the custom hearth, steel wind shear trusses, and pull down steel stair provide ornament to the space. The 18-foot tall bedroom is lit only by a low 12-foot high slot window at the height of the cherry bed plinth. One sleeps next to a giant, indirectly lit, granite boulder as a virtual headboard beyond. From the bed, one looks through a fireplace to the shower/bath. The bathroom is lined in slate, with a removable cedar grating to disguise the poured concrete bathtub below. The loft is lined with millwork and offers thru lateral views. It can be separated from the bedroom volume by vertical sliding cherry shutters. These, together with the moveable stair, give the house a kinetic effect.”

Client: The Fischer House
Location: South Shore Nova Scotia

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